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Augmented Reality Enhances Consumers' Experience

Augmented Reality Enhances Consumers’ Experience

Augmented Reality Enhances Consumers' Experience

Augmented Reality Enhances Consumers’ Experience

Ever attempted buying an outfit and after trying it on only for you to realize it doesn’t look that great on you or maybe you bought large furniture and have it installed in your home or apartment and found out it looked awkward in your home?

Despite having the benefit of returning these items, you must admit it was a stressful experience.

If we were living in the ’90s, the above experiences would be absolutely normal. After all, why do we have haulage companies, their business is set up to relieve you of the stress of moving heavy objects, isn’t it?

Well, this is 2019 and we live in an era where we don’t want to pay a premium for convenience. We’re used to having our way and things demanded to be delivered at the speed of light. We’re already in the future and the future is now. From whatever corner of the world you are, with as little as a mobile device you can take advantage of advanced technology. One of such modern technology is the Augmented Reality (AR).

There has been technological advancement to the point where customers even without setting a foot in a store or shop know where the products they want are located in the store. Not only do they know the location they can also try out these products. The sheer convenience of this technology is revolutionary.

Augmented reality as distinguished from virtual reality provides an experience that immerses virtual reality on the real-time environment. This technology opens up a whole new vista of opportunity to customers in their shopping experience and also assists businesses in their drive for growth and customer satisfaction.

‘AR offers several benefits to consumers in their quest for product satisfaction. By superimposing virtual reality on a real-time environment, the likelihood of a returned product is cut to the barest minimum. This is premised on the fact the consumer has had the benefit of “trying out” the product before the purchase even from the comfort of the home’.

Imagine sitting in the comfort of your home and you’re window shopping online. With the aid of augmented reality, you could try on that designer shoe or dress without leaving your house or going to the store. This saves the individual the time and stress of physically visiting the store, especially where it’s quite a distance from the home or office.

When faced with challenges in the use of a product, a customer who has purchased an item makes inquiries to see if the issue is minimal and can be rectified personally. The fact that the query of a consumer comes to life with the aid of augmented reality is a huge benefit of this technology to the consumer.

It can be boring and tasking pouring through written solutions after a query by a consumer on a given problem. Since the responses are usually technical, it becomes very difficult to understand. Augmented reality solves this problem.

As part of their education in medical school, doctors were exposed to the use of 3D objects to help them have a grasp of the real deal. Patients, however, don’t have this benefit. With the use of augmented reality, doctors can better explain a would-be procedure to patients and their families. The application in the field of medicine can be groundbreaking.

AR takes away the element of uncertainty and guesswork on the part of the consumer in the purchase decision-making process. This is because the consumer has had the benefit of “trying out” the product before actual purchase and use. Warehouses, employing the use of AR, no longer have to worry about the movement and constant rearrangement of heavy equipment in setting up the storage facility.

The interactive nature of AR makes for an interesting and enjoyable experience for the consumer. Above all, augmented reality is no longer the future, it’s the present and business owners should do well to integrate it into their basis to enhance the experience of their customers.

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